Holistic health is more than the absence of pain, suffering, or disease but thriving in body, mind, and consciousness. It includes lifestyle, mindset, raising the frequency of consciousness, and living in tune with the rhythms of nature.

It is enlightened living and you’ll:

  • Experience a Vibrant & Healthy Life
  • Know how to create Happiness & Inner Peace
  • Gain Authenticity
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Stress & Depression
  • Raise Frequency of Your Consciousness
  • Better Understand Self, Others, the World, and the Universe

My unique gift to the world is…

…to support women 50+ thrive in body, mind & consciousness

…women who are seeking to improve their health and well-being holistically; who value, and are looking for, transformation to experience the true purpose of life… enlightened living every day.

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My services are also available to German speaking individuals.

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About Ma Udaysree

My name is Ma Nithyananda Udaysree Sadyojata Shiva Shakti aka Yogini Ma Udaysree which means ‘creatrix shining with eternal bliss.’ Originally from West Germany, I lived in South India for six years, and make my home now in the Southwest of the USA. I am a Certified Master Life Coach specialized in Holistic Health & Wellness, certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Speaker, and published Author in the pursuit of enlightened living; the joy, peace, and love we all are seeking in all we are doing.

My heart is dedicated to the Vedic Tradition through the Sciences of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Vedic Healing, Vedic Rituals, Temples, and Suddhadvaita. I’ve met a number of self-realized beings, lived in ashrams in Europe and India, spent a few years living in South India, and became a sannyasi for a short period of time. I received numerous initiations including healers initiation by Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

I’ve been on the spiritual path for more than 30 years. Drawing on my studies and own experiences I now help others with a holistic lifestyle and in yogic healing. My personal experiences include a

  • sattvic vegetarian diet, raw food diet, detox and weight loss
  • yogini lifestyle, yoga and meditation
  • release of emotional and mental tension
  • India travel for female solo travelers
What has Changed?

Through a 90% raw food diet and a couple of herbs I’ve improved my kidney function, overcome the beginning stages of arthritis, and an unknown gastrointestinal issue. Additionally while on a raw food diet I lost 20 lb weight within the first 3 months and maintain the weight loss easily. I released emotional tension related to sexual abuse, abandonment, and depression through applying a simple yogic technique. My focus has shifted from a depressive and sad past to a future I am creating consciously and blissfully knowing who I really am.

I’ve helped many clients release physical, mental, and emotional tension along with recommendations to diet and lifestyle adjustments, and a yoga and meditation routine. Read HERE what others are saying.

Welcome to my space! 🙂