What is the Secret of Losing Weight on a Sattvic Diet?

Have you ever lost weight and regained it within a short period of time? The answer is likely ‘yes’. Eating sattvic food makes sure excess weight stays off. Here is my experience: I lost 25 lbs within a few months without ever thinking or intending to loose weight. It happened so naturally. Now after over one year of eating sattvic food I still have not regained an ounce of weight!

“Overeating is a modern disease. People think that it is better to eat more vegetarian food. Let us be clear here. Overeating any food is bad. Be it vegetarian or meat. It creates a lot of problems for us. We have never learnt to eat only what we need. We should be firm on eating only what we require and how much we need. Overeating is an expression of greed. We overeat as a substitute to fulfill other unattainable wants.” ~ HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Eating sattvic food manages weight loss naturally simply by being more aware of what you eat and how you eat; and the good thing is you feel lighter, more energetic and blissful.

  1. Stay away from all prepackaged food items. Before grocery shopping make a list of items you need and stick to that list. While grocery shopping get only fresh fruit and vegetables along with whole grains, beans and lentils. Visit your local farmers market.
  2. Prepare all dishes from scratch.You may think this is way too time-consuming. It is not! How much time does it take to prepare an oat meal or a salad? There are many under 30-minute vegetarian recipes online that can easily be adjusted to a sattvic diet. If you can’t wait because you are too hungry, have a piece of fruit or raw vegetable like a carrot or celery stick until your food is cooked.
  3. Be aware of the quantities of fat and sugar you use.The sattvic diet requires only one or two tablespoons of oil in preparing your veggies or go fat-free by slightly boiling them in hot water. Overcooking veggies is not recommended. Just add some rice or lentils to it and you have a complete meal. Use sugar substitutes whenever possible like jaggery or honey.
  4. Eat with awareness.Chew the food thoroughly while staying away from watching TV, reading or being on the computer. Your whole focus should be on eating (and only a light conversation if any at all). Gradually your taste will change when you eat with awareness and you will enjoy sattvic food more and more.
  5. No more food cravings. Overcome cravings with awareness. Eat with full awareness and you will have no more cravings. One may or may not eat the craved for food anymore but there is no craving. Sounds too simple? It is simple.
  6. Conditioning and limiting beliefs. Look at why you are overweight. When did it start? Was there a particular incident most likely during your childhood that made you eat more? Something you were not able to handle emotionally and the only way to cope with was by eating more? Conditioning and limiting beliefs are actually the cause why you are not getting off the weight long-term. Look into your past; then release the incident. You won’t hate yourself anymore, you will love yourself.
  7. Self-knowledge and enlightenment. Sattvic food gives the energy to achieve Self-knowledge and enlightenment. When you cook, you provide your family, guests, and yourself with the energy to best follow your destiny which in Indian tradition is enlightenment or realizing the Self. So food is not only to nourish your body for its own sake but for the higher purpose of discovering who you truly are. It becomes important what and how much you eat.

Just these simple natural things will take care of your weight loss. Try it for 21 days and reevaluate how you feel about yourself and your weight. Then take it from there. It will do so much good for you.

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