The Value of Preserving Temples

Energy Spaces and Healing Centers

Temples are energy centers and healing spaces to rejuvenate, relax, energize and reconnect to your inner self. Healing happens on many levels, the physical, emotional, mental and being levels to achieve a blissful state of consciousness. Temples are a place for devotees to come together and share as a family, and to see the divine energy work and express through all of us.

Energy and Temple Rituals

The intense spiritual energy is manifested through daily rituals like recitation of mantras and performance of pujas and homas in the temple space itself and more so in the deities through kumbabishekam, a process in which the deities are infused with divine energy by either priests or an enlightened master. The energization process of the murties done by an enlightened master creates a tremendous energy field.

Worship not of but through the Idol

We don’t worship idols but worship through the idol. Let me explain this in a different way. Let’s say you have a photograph of a loved one and show it to a friend. You talk about the good qualities of the person in the photograph and just how much you feel connected to him or her. So the photograph is a means of showing to others (in this case your friend) what the loved one looks like and also to remind you of that person. That does not mean we love the photograph but simply we love the person represented in the photograph. It is the same way with idols in a temple. The idols simply are a physical representation of the intangible ultimate cosmic energy that we adore and feel connected to. So the worship is not of the idol but we worship the cosmic energy through the idol. And the worship happens because this divine energy makes itself available to us in many ways and to constantly remind us of our deep connection with the divine energy. Actually the intense cosmic energy is radiated through the deities way beyond the temple walls. It has been found that the crime rate near temples significantly drops.

Arunachaleshwara Shiva Temple in Tiruvannamalai

For those reasons enlightened masters build temples, energize them and support them in many ways. One such temple is the Arunachaleshwara Shiva Temple in Tiruvannamalai. The thousand-pillard hall was one of the childhood playgrounds of Nithyananda among other places at the temple. Here he received already as a small child yogic training by Rhagupati Yogi. Another well-known holy man, Ramana Maharshi, meditated in the basement of the thousand-pillard hall for many months until Seshadri Swamigal moved him to a different place. Ramana Maharshi was so upsorbed in himself that he did not feel the bodily inconvenience of sitting many hours in meditation. Inside the mandapam you find a sign stating that Ramana Maharshi meditated there where the patala lingam is installed in the basement. Both masters are powerhouses filled with the cosmic energy. Even the samadhi of Ramana Maharshi after over 50 years of his leaving the body still emanates this intense cosmic energy.

Benefit to All Mankind

So preserving temples does not only benefit us on a personal level but benefits mankind as a whole through them being available to enlightened masters roaming around at temples, meditating in them and being made there. Enlightened masters then benefit whoever comes to them for fulfillment in the outer and inner worlds. Next time you go to a temple or only think of one, bring back those new found insights about temples and why we should preserve them. Perhaps you want to relax, rejuvenate and energize yourself. What is your experience with the cosmic energy when you visit a temple?

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