Work with Me

Intuitively you know there is a better way to life and holistic health.

Eating better, releasing energy blockages, lifestyle changes, and raising consciousness to a state of eternal bliss!

Do you know you want to live a vibrant, healthy, and conscious lifestyle but don’t know how?

Do you want to release limiting beliefs and stuck energy?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know which spiritually conducive diet to follow that is healing at the same time?

Have you had trouble being successful before and found you couldn’t do it alone?

I’m Here to Help

I specialize in helping spiritual seekers just like you make diet and lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways so you can finally embrace right results. You will develop a deeper understanding of sattvic vegan food, raw food, liquid diet, and juicing, and where your energy is stuck, and other lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, health, and consciousness.

What You Can Expect

Together we will work to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy. Based on your needs, I will gradually introduce new and healthful foods and activities into your lifestyle that best support you. As you start to feel better, these habits will have a natural tendency to remain with you, and will crowd out the less healthful ones enabling you to reach your current and future health goals.

In becoming healthier, other areas of your life such as relationships, career and creativity start to drastically improve. You will naturally begin to crave the foods and activities that make you feel better, and you will feel more motivated to make time in your life for those things that are truly important to you.

It is expected of me to provide, a safe, loving, and supportive atmosphere without bias and judgment; and to give you my full attention to help you learn how to be your own detective when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Bringing joy and making a difference in your life is my passion. Seeing the growth and vibrancy that you will encounter and fully knowing that you, yourself, overcame your challenges and weaknesses to accomplish your life goals is my utmost goal as your Holistic Health Coach.

Are you curious about how working with me can help you?

I invite you to schedule a FREE 20 min Holistic Health & Lifestyle Strategy Session with me.

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My Offerings

You have 4 powerful options to choose from.

7 Day Cleanse

A 7-Day Cleanse for the Body – Online Coaching
Fruits and veggies juiced make an energizing cleanse for the body.

This is a powerful 7 Day Cleanse program that you can expect to lose an average 3-5 pounds. Look slim in that new pair of jeans or bathing suit! Say good-bye to cravings, unwanted weight gain, and bloating for good. Feel energized, clear and confident than ever before. De-stress, no matter what busy environment you live in. Transition into a healthy lifestyle you can live with, and leave those old habits behind! Online Coaching!

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3 Months Intensive

A 3-Months Intensive for Body & Mind Detox – 101 Coaching
First thing in the morning is a glass of lemon water with no ice followed by other fresh mostly fruit juices throughout the day.

During our time together, you will get coaching and support to help YOU make the dietary and lifestyle changes YOU want. Best of all, my personal commitment to YOUR health and success!

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6 Months Total Immersion

A 6-Months Total Immersion for Body, Mind, and Lifestyle Detox – 101 Coaching
Pure citrus juices are cleansing and energizing your body and mind.

Total Immersion is a 6-months program for body, mind, and lifestyle 101 coaching.

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10 Day Enlightened Living Retreat in South India

A 10-Day Enlightened Living Retreat in South India – Small Group
ABC Juice with apple, beetroot, and carrot, a typical freshly made South Indian juice to start the day.

A Total Immersion program for body, mind, and lifestyle, and something more – Small Group Coaching at a retreat in South India. Includes time for sightseeing of local energy centers.

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